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Hi Fellow Porn Fans!

Welcome to my blog and prepare for the freshest and most reliable sites, because I am here to help you spending your money wisely. I work in the adult industry and have up-to-date information of all the site launches, I know what sites are not only good looking from the outside but have valuable content.

I promise I’ll won’t stuck with any niche – actually I would like to show you a very wide spectrum of porn sites, because in most cases you’ll find teen or general hardcore content and you’ll wonder why it makes sense to pay money for porn if you can find everything on tube sites or other (mostly illegal) sources. The answer can easily result in a huge conversation, but summarizing it I would say that people are willing to pay for quality porn.  In my opinion there are a lot sites out there which have decent quality content which is OK to pay for and you’ll feel you get value for your money. However you can run into bad experiences easily, especially if you’re a newbie in porn surfing. Sometimes there’s poor content behind the fancy outlook and if you run into these sites you’ll easily lose your trust in porn sites.

I am here anytime to help you avoid getting ripped off as I only introduce sites I am a member of or I checked the member’s area roundly.

Feel free to comment the blog posts or to contact me directly with any kind of questions. If you’re tired of looking for a good deal, just shoot me a mail [support at] or contact me via MSN [support at] and I’ll help you.

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